Mummification Delight

By Gwendolyn Chemindefer

I thought I would pick one specific kink of mine as a topic to share my thoughts and feelings about. The fetish topic for today is MUMMIFICATION.  I want to share what it means to me and what I like about this particular fetish.  It is such a bizarre kink to have but maybe any sexual fetish is a strange thing for those whom do not own it as I do.  I try very hard to understand my sexual fetishes.  Lately, as I have grown, my lust for the bizarre has increased so mummification has come to the forefront.

I had recently seen some pictures on one of my favorite pervy couples site,, which was inspiring but it also reminded me of a similar experience that I have had.  Here is one of the pictures to get your juices flowing before I do too much writing….

Now back before my first latex catsuit purchase and the advent of online shopping; home improvement stores were my one stop shop for a lot of the supplies I needed to satisfy my fetish cravings.  I would surf the hardware aisles and marvel at all of the wonderful bondage devices they offered.  I doubt the hardware stores were aware of the multi-purposing of their products but I was certain that many a perv had cruised these same aisles before me, thinking the same exact thoughts as I.  It would not take long before I had a shopping cart full of goodies.  I would often buy rolls and rolls of all sorts of duct tape and electrical tape in all the colors they had to offer.  Of course black was my favorite!   Most of you know that I began my journey into BDSM experiencing life as a switch and on one such night, I was bound from head to toe in black tape almost identical to the above picture.  I would love to say that I had a latex hood on but I actually had encased my head in tape which was applied over a nylon stocking to avoid the sticky tape residue and painful adhesion to my skin.

To date I think the only experience that can match the immobilization and total helplessness I felt in this situation would be a very sturdy latex vacbed compressed over layers of heavy rubber.   I was taped up in a standing position but I was to be lowered at some point onto a couch.   I was terrified of falling and I could not communicate even if I was to lose my balance.  I would not have been able to remove one piece of that tape had my life depended on it.  I was totally helpless!!   You can have all the trust in the world in your partner but there is still a certain level of panic that can creep inside your head in these moments.

I have always wondered if it is the immobility that I crave or if the immobilization gives me the time to reflect on the exchange of power and the freedom I enjoy when helpless.  It is truly hard to rationalize.  I try to let those feelings wash over me and sink deep into my inner being.  It is times like this where the real world really does fade away and all you have to focus on is yourself, your partner and a heightening of your remaining senses.  Pleasing my partner is important but in these moments I have no other job to do but to be an object or maybe a toy.  I like that feeling and I love to escape the real world in these moments.  I am fully exposed without feeling shame.  I am helpless without feeling vulnerable.  I am stimulated sexually while removing all signs of my sexuality.  It is a bizarre contradiction that I fully embrace.  I am absorbed by my own desires and unable to do anything about the yearning that it creates.  It is a wonderful feeling.  I guess the bonus or icing on the cake is the extreme bondage that mummification employs.

A Mummification Scene with myself and Dalton Ott of, a mummification enthusiast.  Here is one of his “Ott-isms”  ~ I love being put into and putting others into very heavy and extreme bondage. I love going on a journey to my “happy place”. I also enjoy and am skilled at helping other like-minded travelers find their “happy place”. If the mood is right, there is a power dynamic in my play, but the bondage experience is my main focus.”

I have always enjoyed my experiences as a bottom as I feel they have made me a better dominant.   I love that I can share an empathy with my submissive subjects yet not be swayed by them.  I always knew when no meant no more, and when no meant please do not stop or give in to my whimpering or pleading.  My experience as a bottom helps me tremendously at the top.  There are few situations where a submissive is as dependent on me as when they are completely mummified.   The bond that is created in those moments is almost unbreakable.  The trust it requires is a foundation for growth within my own kinky lifestyle and intimacy with my submissive or partner.

Thank you to Fetish Dynasty for reminding me of the good times I have had in the past, and deserves a thank you as well for the memories they will continue to help me create.  Since all of my mummification experiences were before I had a website, there are sadly no photos for me to share.  This was back when I played without cameras or production equipment.  I remember what it used to be like when I did these bizarre kinky things for no one else but myself and my partner to enjoy in the moment.  I am sure there is something to be said about that as well the excitement of how I do things now.  These days I don’t do much without journaling it somewhere and taking pictures just in case, but once in a great while I try to enjoy myself privately just like all of you.

So back to the point, what is a favorite media for your own mummification sessions?  How many of you have journeyed further into the realm of fiberglass and plaster casting and if not do you want to?  What do you consider to be an extended session while being mummified or encased? Is it only mummification if your head is wrapped fully or encased entirely?  Do most of your senses have to be removed?  For myself I would have to say yes and more to all of the aforementioned.   I do realize that we are all different and there is no right or wrong way.

One of my favorite photo shoots had me putting my male submissive into a full latex suit and then I locked him inside more layers of rubber.  By the time I was done my slave was encased inside of three separate latex sleep sacks.  This was a super hardcore experience for my sub and a thrill for me. I would have to say that there is a fine line between mummification and encasement.  In this case, my sub was so completely covered and immobilized that I believe it would qualify as mummification.   This began our journey into even more extreme submission and levels of bondage but that is a story for another day.

Layer one was a pink latex catsuit with black hood and corset… Layer two was a unique amber latex sleepsack…

Layer three was a custom red and green latex sleepsack… Layer four was a heavy StudioGum inflatable latex body bag – which finished off the encasement of my poor rubber Gollum!

So in conclusion, mummification for me has always been a very strong form of bondage.  The visual of someone being mummified or in mummification is always incredibly stimulating to me.  When done safely with a partner that you trust, this can bring your BDSM relationship to new heights.  Mummification allows you a much greater level of self-awareness, sensory appreciation and interior calmness than anything else I can think of.  I know a lot of people who crave this type of escape and very well might enjoy mummification.  Sometimes it is a good thing to get all wrapped up and enjoy some time down under! ~Gwendolyn Chemindefer

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