Good-n-Plenty Mummification

By SlaveBecca

My friend MummyEd told me a few days before that he wanted to wrap me tightly in multiple layers of tape, then expose my tits and cover them with clothespins. He didn’t have to ask me twice. Yes please! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before.  “That’s OK” I thought. I’ll get rest once I’m wrapped up. Oh boy was I wrong!

As soon as I arrived at the SeriousBondage Institute I quickly stripped down to my panties, eager to begin. The first step should have been easy, put a stocking over my head so he could wrap it up without the tape sticking to my face. That turned out to be a difficult task for MummyEd and I started teasing him about it. Once he got it over my head the first thing he did was gag me with lots of electrical tape to shut me up.  I guess he was done listening to me. Then more tape blindfolded me.  Now all I could hear was tape being ripped from the roll as more and more was applied around my head until only my nostrils were left uncovered.  I was quickly slipping into subspace.

I was told to lift my arms and I could feel pallet wrap being wrapped around my arms, then my legs and body. Once I was covered with pallet wrap all my limbs were then covered with tape. Next I was told to put my arms at my sides and my legs together and a very tight layer of pallet wrap mummified me. The tightness felt so wonderful. On top of the pallet wrap was another layer of tape.  All in all I was wrapped in four tight layers, and could barely twitch my fingers.  It was the most amazing feeling and I never wanted it to end. Moments later I was lifted up and placed on a table. Time to wrap my feet, and they are given the same multi-layer treatment. I hear more tape being pulled from the roll and feel hands on my body. It was not until I saw pictures later that I realized it was the pink and black tape decorating my utterly helpless body.  The finishing touches were finalized with a posture collar and many heavy leather straps which were wrapped around my body and the padded board.  I’m left alone with my thoughts in a very tight mummification. I was in complete subspace.

I was pulled out of subspace by the feeling of scissors cutting through the layers of plastic and tape covering my tits. Uh, Oh! What now?  My tits are freed only to be tightly wrapped and then left exposed to be tortured.  I can feel many pinches as the clothespins were added to my poor, defenseless boobs.  The real pain happened when a Hitachi vibrator was applied to my abused tits and made only more frustrating because it wasn’t used further down my body where I was aching for sexual attention and relief.

The clothespins where finally removed to the sounds of my muffled screams and I was left alone; utterly helpless, mummified so tightly I could barely move at all, and with all the right parts left throbbing.  Would I ever do something like this again? Yes! I’m available right now!


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