Egyptian Mummification

By Bondage Roadie

As many kinksters out there know, I have always been interested in mummification. On a trip to visit the SeriousBondage Institute, I started talking to Alice, also a friend of the Institute, and discovered that she too had an interest in the Egyptian style of mummification. So the adventure began. We collected all the Ace bandages that we could find around town, while Alice collected some of her personal jewelry that fit this particular motif. True to the Egyptian style, we started by wrapping her legs separately, from her toes all the way up her inner thighs. Once each leg was wrapped, we continued wrapping, working up her torso, over her breasts and around her shoulders. We then proceeded to wrap each arm separately. Alice was given a whip in one hand and a crop in the other before crossing her arms in front of her breasts. The whip and crop were placed there in honor of the Egyptian Queen’s tradition of holding their royal staffs. (Anyone acquainted with Alice knows that these are the tools she “rules” with). Once her arms where secured to her chest by another layer of bandages, we continued the wrapping from her bikini-line over her entire torso and up to hear head. From her hips to her neck, she was now rendered completely immobile. At this point, we were ready to take her to the next level by denying her the ability to speak or hear as we wrapped her mouth and covered her ears leaving only her eyes exposed. After her head was completely wrapped, her headdress and jewelry were put into place.

With her upper body taken care of, our Queen Alice was now laid to rest on a fully padded bondage body board (in lieu of a sarcophagus) for us to continue our wrapping of her sacred body. Eventually she was entirely mummified. We admired our handiwork but wanted to secure our Queen even further, so leather restraints were bucked around her body from ankles to chest every three inches. This was amazing and such a sight to see! This was Egyptian mummification done San Francisco Style! Many thanks to Alice and the SeriousBondage Institute team for allowing me this exciting experience. ~Bondage Roadie

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