Hello mummification lovers!! This is the site about everything to do with mummification: why we love it, how it excites and turns us on, what methods, techniques and materials we use, what positions we like, what durations we can endure, what we get out of it and where it takes us. We’ll share pictures, experiences, anecdotes, and stories real and fictional.

I’m Mumman Mark, known as mumman on FetLife. I’ve practiced full mummification for nearly 25 years, with the help of my wonderful wife and former wife. Before that I loved to wrap myself up, mainly with elastic bandages. It’s something I’ve always loved and had a predilection for, also loving strict gagging, stringent bondage in general and being severely immobilized. It turns me on and excites me endlessly. It takes me on incredible physiological endurance and meditational journeys. It gets me high. No other reasons or excuses needed! I want to promote mummification bondage to anyone who has an inkling about doing it, giving or receiving. I mainly receive, by choice and by wifely preference, but also have found the joy of wrapping others up too! Turnabout is fair play in bondage and mummification!  :-)

Come along for the journey, and share with us! Click on the ‘Feature Articles’ button above.




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