Birthday Mummification

By Mark

Here’s another example of drive-by mummification. This visitor is a long time fan of our website, and he happened to be in San Francisco on business and looked us up. It was his 50th birthday that week, so he was looking for a special experience. He has been wrapped in pallet wrap and duct tape by his wife at home, but he wanted a chance to be wrapped by our resident expert and duct tape artist MymmyEd.

MummyEd started out by putting him in an extreme sensory deprivation hood which was done to enhance his isolation experience. This is one of our better hoods which fits like a glove and has inside padding.

MummyEd started the process with pallet wrap around our visitor’s hands and arms, then used the same wrap to cover his entire body. Wrapping his hands and arms before his entire body prevented him from using his hands to escape. The body wrap was then covered with a layer of filament shipping tape which made the overall mummification quite strong.

The final process is where MummyEd’s artistry comes in. He used colored duct tape and black electrician tape as an outer covering, creating an amazing quilt-work of colors.

The final touch was some gray duct tape to create a message to the world “I Am 50” in honor of our visitor’s birthday. The black leather straps were ‘the icing on the cake’ so to speak. Needless to say, our birthday visitor was thrilled and I’m sure we will see him again in the future. A video of this scene and other cool mummification projects can be found on and

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