The Vertical Vac-Cube

By Mark

We have had a lot of fun recently with a ‘Vertical Vac-Cube’ we borrowed from our friends at RMSF (Rubber Men of San Francisco). Vac-Cubes are not as popular as Vac-sacks or Vac-Racks, maybe because the person inside the cube needs to stand up the entire time they are in the cube. In any case, this Vac-Cube allows all sides of the subject to be played with – with vibrators, ice, violet wands, whips and paddles. In this scene our friend Rank used a Hitachi vibrator and some cold bottled water.

For those who have not played with latex you should know that it transmits the ambient temperature very quickly through the latex, so, cold water poured on the latex can be felt instantly by the person inside. So can ice.

The idea behind any of the ‘vac’ toys is to put the subject in between sheets of latex, and then attach a vacuum cleaner to the space between the latex so suck the air out, which collapses the latex around the person inside and traps them in one position. Yep! Unable to move. It’s kinda like the vacuum packed products you buy at the store. Naturally, the person inside needs to breathe, so usually their head sticks out of a hole in the latex, which is the case with this Vertical Vac-Cube.

However, in this scene our friend Rank (with the vibrator) had his subject wear a unique latex hood which matches the black latex of the cube itself. This makes a very dramatic effect, and is much more exciting for the person bound within. I guess this ensemble of rubber could be considered a kind of mummification play?

The unique hood zips up the back of the head, and is not attached in any way to the latex sheeting of the Vac-Cube so the air is not sucked out of the hood when the vacuum is turned on. Rank’s subject can breathe normally and has the full effect of being cocooned in tight fitting rubber!

You can see how the Vac-Cube has been sucked down on all four sites, and on the top where the subject’s rubberized head sticks out. The rubber is also sucked down around the subject’s feet, so there is no way to escape. This feeling is very fun, and quite exhilarating once you are ‘stuck’!

As you can see in the photo, the addition of the rubber hood to this scene is very dramatic. The only openings in the hood are at the nose for breathing. The hood is called ‘anatomical’ because it has rough facial features which makes it very comfortable to wear. In addition it creates a since of anonymity for both players.

A special thanks to Rank and his rubber friend, and to RMSF for loaning us this cool Vac-Cube.

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