Out With A Bang

By Kinky_Lil_PetGirl

I had the honor of working as an intern at SeriousBondage.com (sometimes known as the Serious Bondage Institute or SBI) , and what a wild ride it was. As I was nearing the end of my internship I decided that I wanted to go out with a bang. As a result, the guys who run the site (Mark, Dalton and MummyEd) made this happen for me and it’s an experience I will never forget.

For years I have been fascinated with body casting. I never broke any of my limbs while growing up, except one. That was inside my elbow joint, however I wasn’t able to experience the feel of a cast because the injury didn’t require one. Instead, I needed to keep my elbow flexible and bending so it didn’t freeze up. I was a sad little girl when I heard that. Fortunately, years later some casting opportunities started to present themselves while I was interning at SeriousBondage.com, so I immediately volunteered to help out during these kinds of photoshoots.

Over the months I got to assist with a couple of fiberglass castings on other people, on a small scale, but I had my sights set on a full body cast with only my eyes and nose exposed. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to finally get this experience! The years of fantasizing finally came to reality. To be completely helpless. Encased in a rigid fiberglass cast. For hours and hours. Yes!

This all started early in the day with a lot of preparation by friends of the website including MumMan (another mummification aficionado from the East coast) and Rank (a rubber friend in San Francisco). We brought out all the supplies including tables, plastic wrap, duct tape, towels, water bowls, fiberglass casting material, and so on. The setup on the backyard deck was a long process for sure, but so loved every minute of it.

Once we all got everything organized it was time for me to get ready. I had no desire to wear a catheter so I decided on a diaper instead. It wasn’t my first time with diapers, but knowing the massive number of people that would eventually view this video I felt a tad bit shy – but I sucked it up and did it anyway.

I was surrounded by great friends like MummyEd, Daever, Mumman, Rank and the rest of the SeriousBondage family. It was so much fun watching some of them get dressed in medical scrubs. Especially MummyEd when he first put on those goofy goggles. If it wasn’t for MummyEd introducing me to SeriousBondage.com and the the infamous SeriousBondage Institute none of this would have happened. Thanks again Mummy Ed….love ya!!

I had my hair wrapped up in a doctor’s scrub to make sure the sticky fiberglass material didn’t get anywhere near it (it would be a drag if I had to shave my head to get it out of the casting). Now it was time for the first layer of cotton to be applied. MummyEd and his assistant Mumman began wrapping me from the neck down. The cotton is the first layer against my skin to help protect me when it’s time to remove the cast with the saw.

Because I wanted to keep the entire body cast intact later when it was cut off of me, they wrapped extra layers of cotton and then mummified me with plastic wrap, and finally covered me with a layer of duct tape. All of this helped with removing the entire cast in one piece later on.

The soft cotton being pressed against my skin by the plastic wrap and duct tape felt like a nice warm hug. No turning back now. The fiberglass packages began to open, then dipped in water to activate the resin. My friends had to wrap me up quickly with the fiberglass  because the casting material starts to dry and harden within 3-4 minutes. While I was being wrapped by someone’s hands, other hands were rubbing the casting material with water to make it harden and help it stick together. I could feel the warmth of the chemicals reacting as the fiberglass began to harden around me. Little by little it became more difficult to move. This was very exciting and made me more and more happy as we moved along in the process.

Once the top half of my body was all nice and stiff, I was lifted up and placed on a table so my feet could be wrapped. Around and round the material was wrapped on my feet. I had to place my feet into a certain position so the least amount of stress on them would be created once the body cast was up-righted. Even though the cast gets rigid and hard I could still feel pressure on various parts of my body as I was shifted into different horizontal, reclining and vertical positions.

When the cast was stiff enough I was again lifted up and this time placed on a custom vertical wheel chair made by MetalBound.com. Finally, to cast my head, they started with cotton wrap and covered it all with duct tape. Once the fiberglass was applied and set around my head (not over my face) I couldn’t move at all. All I could do in the way of movement was to breath through my nose. By far, my favorite part of the wrapping process was getting my head covered in fiberglass. This was such a fun sensation when my head and neck were getting stiff and locked into place. The cotton and duct tape were then cut away from my eyes and nose, and the cotton was folded around the edges of the fiberglass to provide a little protection to my face. I was completely immobile! I was in total fiberglass nirvana.

It was time to wheel me out to the sidewalk, lift me into the van, strap me down, and take me for a ride to the Castro District in San Francisco for a night on the town. Going up and down the hills in the back of the van was like a roller-coaster. We arrived, right in the heart of the Castro neighborhood. They lifted me out of the van and strapped me onto the vertical wheelchair again. I watched as people passed by and stared at me, but they acted like it was nothing, and just continued to walk. Only in the Castro district can this kind of scene happen without shocking people. LOL! The Castro is ‘ground zero’ for the gay community in San Francisco, and leather is everywhere. I’ve always loved doing little BDSM scenes in public to give people a shock one way or another.

After all our group found parking, we regrouped and I was wheeled down the busy street. People began to notice me more and more, and began asking if they could take their picture with me – not that I had a say in the matter since I couldn’t do much about it anyway! Each time we stopped more people began to gather and ask questions about what was going on. Some couldn’t believe I was actually in this cast willingly. Many asked if I was OK. I would moan “mmhmm” to let then know I was fine. The whole scene was just too amusing to describe.

MummyEd thought it would be cute to stop at a sidewalk cookie shop. I had told him a few weeks earlier that I had a crush on a cute girl that worked there, but I didn’t really know her and she didn’t know me. So MummyEd went into the shop and brings her out to see me, and tells her about my crush. I was so embarrassed. She had no idea who I was really, but it was still so cute to see her. She had really big smiles.The crowd began to get big around us again. She said good bye and went back inside, so off again we went, rolling down the street. At one point while we were waiting for the light to change, we were stopped by a guy from the local Bay Area Reporter newspaper. Pictures were taken and questions were asked by the reporter. After ten minutes or so the interview was over and we had to wait again for the light to change. I’m sure all the cars stopped at the light had fun watching me get rolled across the intersection!

The reactions from people just kept getting better and better as I was rolled down the other side of the street. Then, as we were passing by a local diner my friend got the idea to go in and have dinner. They asked the waitress if it was okay to bring me into the restaurant. She came out to the sidewalk to look at me and said something like “no problem, just no nudity”. Clearly they have seen it all before in the Castro. Once inside, I found myself at the end of the table looking down at everyone as they sat at the table and read the menu. They began to order food but of course I couldn’t eat due to the cast covering my mouth. Everything smelled so good but all I could do was sniff and watch. Amazingly, there weren’t too many reactions from the other patrons, at least as far as I could see.

Once my friends had finished dinner we are off again rolling down the sidewalk, where we ended up in front of Walgreen’s drug store on the famous corner of 18th and Castro – the heart of the neighborhood. MummyEd needed to get something in the drugstore, so he thought it would be funny to roll me into the store and around through the isles. This Walgreen’s has a small elevator-style lift for raising handicapped customers a few feet to the elevated floor which is towards the back of the store. Non-handicapped patrons simply walk up three stairs to get to this same level, but since I was strapped to the vertical wheelchair MummyEd decided I needed to use the handicapped lift. We were all laughing as I was rolled into the lift and raised up to the next level of the store. At one point during our shopping we ran into a pair of young girls who took a look at me, got scared, and rushed off. As we continued to shop we ran into the girls again and they freaked out even more. They took off running again. It was just priceless seeing their reactions. Meanwhile, back to the lift, down to the cashier level, buy the goods, out the front doors, and out into the night.

As we crossed the street again we had to stop for a turning buss and MummyEd said “I wonder if we could ride the buss home?” I thought he must be kidding. There was no way any sensible bus driver would let us onto their coach. The moment of truth came, and MummyEd asked the driver about me getting onto the buss. The driver said okay and pressed a button which extended a special handicapped lift to the sidewalk. This kind of lift is built into all San Francisco busses, and was similar to the one in the drugstore. It raised us up to where MummyEd could simply roll me off the lift and right down the passenger isle. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. The best reactions of the night were on the bus as MymmyEd rolled me into a special handicapped spot towards the front of the buss which is normally set aside for wheelchairs. Everyone went crazy on the bus – laughing and pointing – they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I couldn’t believe it either! Three from our group rode on the buss with MummyEd and I and filmed the entire scene while the rest of our group stayed behind and drove our van and the cars back home. Shortly after, as our stop approached, a bus full of smiling people were waving and biding us farewell. We made it back safe and sound to the house – I mean SeriousBondage Institute – where they carried me into the front living room – I mean dungeon – where I was to be sawed out of the cast.

The scariest part of this whole experience, by far, was when the cast was being removed. They used a special electric vibrating saw and the sound heat create by the saw blade was a little nerve racking. Dalton began to slowly saw through the blue fiberglass. The cast started to vibrate as the saw worked it way around my body. I was thankful for the layers of cotton wrap which kept me safe from the heat of the saw blade. Dalton worked his way up to my head and I knew this was going to be rough on my ears. I could have used ear plugs before I was casted, but I needed to hear what everyone was saying throughout the trip – when they were asking me if I was okay. The sawing was so intense. Noise and the vibrating – I couldn’t help but just close my eyes and just take it. Thankfully Dalton was able to get through my head and neck area pretty fast, and back down the other side, and connected to where he had started. It took some work to pry open the cast shell even after it was fully cut in half because of the cotton and duct tape. Dalton used safety scissors to cut the duct tape and plastic wrap, and then the cotton was pealed away from my skin.

As much as i loved being in the full body cast it was a genuine relief to get out of it. I was so happy and giddy from such an incredible experience. I couldn’t think of a better way to go ‘out with a bang’ from my internship. I love my SeriousBondage family and all the other friends I met while I worked there. I can’t wait to visit the SeriousBondage Institute again and do more kinky things with them. They definitely made a fiberglass slut out of me!  ~Kinky_Lil_PetGirl

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