Wet-Pack Mummification

By Bondage Roadie

I had always wanted to experience a wet-pack mummification wrap. This is an old procedure used before psychiatric drugs were available to calm institutional patients. In this procedure the patient is wrapped tightly with up to twenty four wet ice cold sheets and then securely strapped down to the bed.

I had responded to an ad on SeriousBondage.com for a volunteer to be a “Captive” for the weekend at the secret MedicalToys facility in Northern California with the famous dominatrix Amanda Wildfyre and her assistant Alice. This captive experience began with me being stripped down by my nurses, laid down on the hospital bed and the nurses began to wrap me in layer after layer of ice cold wet sheets. It was a chilling experience to say the least. I felt I was freezing to death as I lay shivering from the cold. I wondered if this was how the inmates of mental institutions felt in the past. The nurses then put a spit mask over my head – for their protection.  After being tucked in tight with the sheets, I was wrapped in a dry wool blanket for insulation.

My captors then proceeded to secure me down with medical restraints. To further my sensory deprivation treatment, the head nurse Amanda placed sterile eye ointment in my eyes before covering them with eye patches along with ear plugs in my ears. I felt completely cut off from the world.

The experience of being wrapped and strapped down in this way was extremely cold at first but as the sheets began to warm from my body temperature it started to become quite comfortable and calming. This was until Amanda decided I was becoming too comfortable and poured ice cold water on me again! Additionally, in my helpless state Nurse Alice took liberty to dance on top me. What fun. Overall it was a great experience that I would do again and recommend to anyone. ~Bondage Roadie

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