Full Upper-Body Cast Mummification Part-1of2

By Mumman

Part-1of2: I’m back at the SeriousBondage Institute for another great visit, as Dalton applies a fantastic full upper-body cast for an outing to San Francisco’s annual Dore Alley Street Fair. This was the second time he had casted my upper-body, and it is such a wonderful experience. This time he decided on a forearm-to-forearm casting position, and applied the soft cotton under-wrapping over my spandex zentai suit. He tore open each package of fiberglass casting material, dipping each roll in warm water and lightly squeezing each before it’s application to my padded torso. He started out by applying each roll with moderate pressure, then applied each additional roll of fiberglass tighter and tighter, layer after layer, beginning at my waist. He smoothed and rubbed the wet fiberglass after the application of each roll to facilitate the chemical bonding reaction. It is a wonderful feeling as roll after roll is applied and the warm hardening and solidifying process enveloped me in its rigid fiberglass grip.

Tightly he winds his way up my body and around my shoulders and arms, clamping them together. The pressure is perfect, leaving no wiggle-room at all. He builds up the cast in layers for thickness and re-useability. I was excited to know that I could have this cast taped back together on me later after it was cut off, as I have done with the first cast from my previous visit. My whole upper torso, arms and shoulders, are now immovably tightly trapped which is definitely an awesome feeling. Now for the neck and head. Thorough, thick, and tight. Dalton even casts a few strips over my nose, smushing it down a bit, but still breathable. Soon I am delighting by my heavy casted immobility, the fiberglass becoming rock-solid. There is absolutely no escape except for the vibrating saw which will be used to cut me out later in the day.

A nice heavy chain and padlock necklace is locked around my rigid neck, and off we go! I get jammed into Mark’s small Honda car for the exciting ride downtown to the Dore Alley street fair. With my head and face tightly locked in place, my view and peripheral vision is quite limited. My heart races and my cock throbs in its tight stainless steel chastity device by which I will be led around the fair on a leash. Gotta go in style!

Dalton and Mark extricate me from the small Honda as our friend Mister-X (FetLife) watches. Mark videotapes us as we walk toward the Fair, and once inside the barricades, my crotch is unzipped and the chastity cock-cage is exposed to the world. A leash is clipped onto the cage and we make the entrance to the fair in grand style with Mister-X leading me along.

People quickly take notice and many picture-takers are attracted to us. What a blast! We mill about in the crowds, taking in the sights and the wonderful and exciting ambiance of the event. It is a perfect late-July San Francisco day, and a well attended event. My cock occasionally strains to get hard in its tight cage as we walk about and occasionally pause  for appreciative, bemused photo-takers. Then we meet up with some of our friends who are in bondage gear as well. Dalton keeps me well-hydrated with a drinking straw. What an incredible experience!! These SeriousBondage guys really know how to show a bondage freak like me a good time! (click HERE for Part-2)  ~Mumman

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