12 Hour Mummification

By Mumman

For years I have sought to endure a stringent, completely immobilizing, full-coverage sensory-deprived mummification for 12 hours, as I have alluded to in a previous article when I was able to go for 11 hours. Encouraged by that session, I got similarly attired for the armchair mummification, determined to make it through. Sitting in this position in the chair has been the most comfortable mummified position I’ve been able to endure for the longest periods, being seated upon some foam-rubber padding. I drank lots of water to keep hydrated, as I was going to be hot and sweaty in my thick padded diaper, tight stretchy top and bottom shaper undergarments, panty hose, heavy (3 mm) Neoprene wetsuit, latex gloves, multiple tube-sock-sheathed hands and feet, padded tight leather deprivation hood and tall padded leather posture-collar. I didn’t cut myself any slack with the tightness of lacing up the over-zipped hood, with my hard foam-rubber gagpad in and the mandatory earplugs inserted. The same with tightly buckling up the tall posture-collar and the 3 belts at my abdomen around the back of the chair. My mouth was firmly clamped shut in the hood and only nose-breathing was possible, through the small restricting nostril grommets.

I had told my wife that this was going to be it, a real overnighter going the full 12 hours Friday night, while she was in bed overnight around the corner in our upstairs master-suite. No time references were to be given. If I had real distress, she was right there to cut me out if need be. I had bought 2″ Electricians Bundling Tape that looks like silver duct-tape but has a lower sticky adhesive factor, which was safe to smoothly apply directly on my Neoprene suit, eliminating the need to use plastic pallet-wrap. As I sat there and got myself tightly belted into the chair, I was already sweating as she began the thorough, tight application of the black electrical tape over my arms on the chair arms, from fingertips to biceps. As she proceeded up my arms, I moaned and swooned as the familiar process completely covered and immobilized my hands and arms, with my thumbs tucked into my palms. No wiggle the fingers at all. She does such a great job! Then, she began the thorough, tight taping of my upper-body to my neck, and down my hips, lap & legs, around the chair. It felt so wonderful as I was completely welded to the chair in complete coverage, right down to my toes. She secured my ankles in place with electrical tape attached to the chair, and did a tight criss-cross taping with wide electrical tape across my chest and back for completing the super-secure immobilization. I sighed in excitement and anticipation as she finished the last application at 8:45 PM, the only time reference I would be given.

She went downstairs for awhile before coming up to bed and taking pictures, giving me a pat on my leather-encased head and saying goodnight. I had happily settled into my blind, bound space, trying to move here and there, loving the feeling of being completely unable to move anything, including my head and neck. I felt aroused and my smushed cock was hard in the tight padded diaper with my legs taped together. Slowly, I became quite calm and relaxed, beginning to have very brief nod-off periods. My breathing slowed through the tiny nose-grommets and my body went into rest-mode. I saw shapes and images in my mind’s eye, predominated by landscape imagery. I began periods of “sub-space” traveling, losing my sense of my body and surroundings. At times I went into a light sleep-mode, punctuated by dreams and disorientation. This cycle began to repeat, at longer intervals. I’d “wake up”, wondering if I was really asleep, going through more disorientating physiological, psychic, spiritual and dream realms than I’d heretofore experienced. The outside world faded away and I was truly in my own little immobilized dark world. I had an inner relaxed knowingness that I would achieve the elusive 12 hour goal this time.

There were weird episodes of interrupted or very slow breathing when I would “come to” and breathe hard through my nostrils to feel properly oxygenated again, my heart pounding. It was a rush, like coming back to life and reality again. The belts tightly fastened at my waist and the tight tape crushing me to the chair was like wearing a tight, restricting corset that didn’t allow for normal, relaxed breathing, along with the small breathing grommets on the hood restricting my air intake. Sometimes I had to put more of a conscious effort into it, coming out of the disorientating intervals of sleep/dozing/dreaming. Then I’d try to move again to wake up more, loving the complete head-to toes restriction. I never felt panicky during the night, though I had a few of these “on the edge” episodes occur. I reached real transcendental states of mind and euphoric altered states of consciousness that were breakthrough experiences for me, along the lines of being on some kind of hallucinatory drug. I’d “come back” amazed at the places my mind had gone. I didn’t have any real discomforts or experience cramping that would bother or inhibit me from becoming calm and relaxed. Just the breathing issues occasionally and the sweating. I was able to transcend my physicality for periods of time, becoming a transformed bound entity. It seems to me that if you would seek to have a blissful, transformational, transcendental meditative spiritual experience, beginning from the standpoint of having your physicality negated via relatively comfortably immobilizing, sensory-depriving restraint, the journey is made easier! As the physical-sensory negating part of the experience is already pretty-much taken care of, you can relax and “let go” more quickly and easily, letting your consciousness begin to drift off. People who love being in bondage know this initial, and subsequent stages of feeling happy, blissful and high while bound up as “sub-space”, as the endorphin rush sets in and a happy-feeling “nirvana” brain chemistry takes hold. I was really sub-spacing out!

Morning had broken and I was blissfully unaware of it, the tight padded hood keeping me completely in the dark. I heard her moving about and kept quiet. She had checked on me overnight, once touching my shoulder, giving me a jolt. She went about her morning business, seemingly ignoring me and not telling me the time. I knew it had been quite a long while, but as it turned out, my idea of the time was way off, thinking it was a lot later than it was. I find this to generally be the time-skewing case in long-term bondage. I sat there, closed off to the world. The urge to piss had manifested, but was still inhibited. My cock got quite hard and I tried to move to stimulate it somehow, to no avail. I endured in a tired but excited state, knowing that I was going to make my goal. I thought I might finally pee when she came up and told me it was 8:45. YAY!!! She took pictures and began to cut me out. I felt so elated, and by the time she cut off the last tape, my tiredness has gone away, and I finally pissed in the diaper. So I had been stuck there for over 12 hours, and felt fantastic. What a trip!! I got my hood and neck-collar off after groping my way to the bathroom and taking off the latex gloves. I didn’t look that bad! I got into the shower and peeled off the sweaty wetsuit and undergarments. I felt refreshed and invigorated and thanked my wonderful wife. I drank lots of water and juice, ate and went out to the store. I got a nice thank-you card for her. Not until early evening did tiredness and exhaustion overtake me, and I went to bed. I felt happy, high and euphoric throughout the the weekend, and beyond. So great to go where no Mumman has gone before! Certainly will again!

PLEASE NOTE – I’ve done intensive bondage-mummification scenarios like this for over 25 years now, having learned a lot from very extensive, repeated trial and experience. There are danger factors to consider, most especially related to breathing, compression, circulation and panic attacks. I don’t advocate doing these type of long-term scenarios to anyone lacking in experience or very rigorous mental discipline, or without steady monitoring for your safety.



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