Marital Mummification Bliss

By Bondage Ho

Recently I had the pleasure of being mummified, along with my husband, at the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI) courtesy of MummyEd, Dalton and Mark.

In the photo to the right you can see me on the red futon wrapped in pallet wrap, while my husband was in his green zentai and zipped up in his white spandex sleepsack. Once he was all zipped up and snug, they lifted him onto a padded bondage board and added all the black leather straps.

For an extra dimension to my own “wrapped” experience I was gagged, blindfolded and ear-plugged.  This was my first mummification experience with included sensory deprivation.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience having my husband mummified right next to me.  The experience is difficult to describe but it was like we were somehow connected on a deeper level. Mark said it was the first time they had mummified a married couple next to each other, at the same time.

Both my husband and I enjoy strict bondage and being wrapped.  However, there was just something about sharing that experience together that made it completely unique and very satisfying.  We often have battles about who gets to tie or wrap the other in our relationship.  It was amazing to finally meet people who “get” what we’re into, and that we could trust them and enjoy being mummified at the same time.

I have played with many partners over the past few years and participated in many scenes.  I felt like Mark, Dalton and MummyEd understood what my husband and I wanted to achieve.  I also felt completely safe, comfortable and cared for.

My husband and I have been back home for a week or so now, and I’ve had a couple of busy days at work.  However, whenever I ponder our mummification experience it instantly takes me to my happy place!  ~Bondage Ho


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