Shutting Off My Brain

By Bailzibub

During my trip to the Serious Bondage Institute I was given the opportunity to experience a ‘proper’ mummification for the first time. MummyEd, who I had built a great friendship with during my visit, was my mummification guide. This was a great opportunity for me because mummification was something I found myself craving as I get older. I have searched for way to shut off my brain because sometimes it seems to run and run until I am completely exhausted. I thought that the warm cocoon created by mummification could sooth my poor brain, giving it – and me – some desperately needed down time.

The first step in experiencing mummification was for MummyEd and I to get the supplies. It was interesting to find out where the wrapping material came from. What was normally used for wrapping goods or cargo was going to be used to wrap me. It’s common name is Pallet Wrap, and comes in various widths and lengths depending on it’s application. The store we were in sold smaller 6-inch wide rolls for the home user to wrap personal belongings during a move.

Once we returned from the shipping supply store, we set ourselves up in the back room where all the bondage gear is stored. I put on a padded Top-To-Bottom leather isolation hood and Ed laced it up the back of my head. The anticipation of being mummified was evident by my big smile underneath the hood. Ed first wrapped my arms. The warm, tight feeling of the pallet wrap on my skin was my focus. I was thinking, “if this is what my arms feel like when they are wrapped, I can’t wait for more”.  Next, Ed pinned my arms to my sides from shoulders to thighs with the pallet wrap. All I could hear through the padded hood was the faint crackling sound of the wrap as it was pulled off the roll and applied around my body. I was a little amused by my thoughts that humans can do some strange stuff, but hey, whatever gets one through the day, within reason, is OK with me. I guess what we were doing was within reason? At regular intervals Ed would as me how I was doing which helped me feel at ease.

This seemingly strange experience was also quite educational. Ed was showing me the kind of supplies that are good for mummification, and also the techniques such as not wrapping too tightly around the upper arms for circulation, and solving potential sore point problems with a towel between the knees and feet. I really appreciated these pointers as I would be using these techniques to continue my mummification exploration once I returned home.

On went two layers of white filament tape over the pallet wrap, and then I was laid down on a futon on the floor. I could feel my body and mind slowing down to a meditative state where I was not moving at all, not even to check how secure the wrapping was. I just knew I couldn’t get out on my own. Lastly my feet were wrapped, to complete the mummification. I often find it very difficult to describe my feelings and what is going on in my head, so here goes: I could control the thoughts in my head; I could hear every heartbeat, feel the gentle tingling of sweat forming on my body, the cool breeze of the fan and the distant conversations in another room. I could switch all those sounds off in my head and have nothing but silence. I was allowing myself to relax. Except for silent breathing there was no movement, just silence in my head. This is the first time I have been able to do this. I wasn’t going to try to understand why this was happening (as I would usually do), I was just enjoying it. There were no pain or circulation issues to worry about. I had absolutely no idea how long I drifted in and out of this state, but I think MummyEd said it was about 3 hours.

Eventually it was time to be cut out of my cocoon. The gentle release I experienced was every bit as enjoyable as the mummification itself; my whole body was tingling from the and my mind was calm. I sat up, refreshed and really happy to see Ed again. He joked about my previous claim about liking to struggle in bondage to test it’s security; Ed had not heard a peep from me the entire time. I sat afterwards in the kitchen in quite a daze talking with others about the mummification. I don’t know if I quite made sense, but there were knowing smiles and laughs from the others, so I guess they knew exactly how I was feeling. My emotional wall had been torn down and I felt alleviated of my need to protect my feelings. This experience is one I will never forget and I thank without measure MummyEd, Mark, Dalton and the others at the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI) who I spent a week with indulging in our shared bondage interests. ~Bailzibub

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