Tranquility Base

By Bondage Boy HK

Every subject (victim) who visits the Serious Bondage Institute brings with them the expectation of getting into trouble. In my case, I flew all the way from England to San Francisco just to become a shiny packaged subject. I was mummified on the famous Gingerbread platform on the back deck of the Institute. I guess you could consider this ‘trouble’ that I got myself into, but it certainly felt like bliss to me.

First, I was put into a tight and sexy neoprene hood and shortie wetsuit which would keep me both warm and horny. After all, the weather of San Francisco is usually cold so this kind of rubber suit is required for any outdoor play. After donning the neoprene gear I was then summoned to the backyard deck, where my hands were immediately put into heavily padded leather boxing gloves. There was literally no room to move my fingers in the gloves, and once the gloves were both secured with Velcro straps I couldn’t remove them without someone’s assistance. Next, I was starting to feel pretty helpless as they fitted a boxing head guard over my neoprene hood. What was this for? I would soon find out.

If you have ever watched a baking show on the Food Channel, you might recognize the line “wrap the sausage of cookie dough in pallet wrap and leave it for an hour” – or something like that. Likewise, I was laid down on the Gingerbread platform and wrapped in green transparent pallet wrap from head to toe, and then from my toes back to my head. At this point my body was certainly warming up. I was being turning into a shiny green Gingerbread Man after multiple layers of the wrapping. Since everything is done quite ‘seriously’ at the Institute, I thought to myself that this couldn’t been the end of the bondage. In fact there was a stack of duck tape next to my wrapped body, but I didn’t know it because my head was securely fixed to the platform by layers of shiny green pallet wrap. I was too well wrapped to move my head even an inch. All I could do was stare at the sky. This is what the boxing guard was for. They were able to tightly wrap my entire head without putting undue pressure on my face. The boxing guard kept the pallet wrap an inch or so away from my face so I could breathe easily and talk, but I couldn’t move my head at all. To tell ya the truth, the only bit of free movement I had left was probably my eyeballs. However, my view of the sky was short-lived. My vision became severely restricted by the duct tape that soon followed.

The duct tape mummification process commenced immediately. I could do nothing about it but feel the pressure that was building up as my body was mummified under circles and circles of duct tape covering the first two layers of green pallet wrap. It didn’t take long before I was completely transformed into a Gingerbread-shaped silver mummy. The only exposed part of me was the breathing hole that was left open over the front of the head cage.

Being heavily cocooned in multiple layers of wrap left me totally motionless. But, the next thing I noticed was yet another layer of wrapping! I was being pallet wrapped again over the top of the silver duct tape. I could tell this was happening from the sounds. I was in the dark because my vision was mostly covered by the duct tape. I could only picture in my mind the final layers of pallet wrap being smoothed over my mummified silver body, turning me into a shiny packaged subject. The tranquility I felt was priceless.

Next came the vibrator, but that’s another story for another day!

~Bondage Boy HK


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