Sissy Amy’s Pink Cast

By CindysSissyAmy

I always wanted to be full-body casted, covered completely in wax, plaster, or immersed in 2-part foam or tree amber. To know that there is a very small window of time before the materials harden and I am stuck forever. No movement whatsoever and the only air is through a small breathing tube.

My Mistress ‘MistressSindee69’ (FetLife) contacted Christina after seeing her popular web site, and asked if I could be the subject of one of her infamous full-body fiberglass casts. During the conversation my Mistress specifically requested that I be casted in “sissy pink” fibreglass.

Once my Mistress and I arrived at Christina’s workshop, she made us feel quite welcome and relaxed. Christina was especially pleased to see me in my pantyhose and panties.

Christina has a lot of casting experience. After I was fully wrapped in pink fiberglass I thought it was a perfect cast, and I might go as far as to say that it was even comfortable. Once the cast was completely hardened (which did not take long) Christina and my Mistress enjoyed closing off my breathing tube, decorating me, and sitting, standing, and laying on me for the next 4 hours. During this playtime I knew that it was very important for me to relax and breathe evenly because it would take quite a while to cut me out if I encountered a problem.

I remember a point where I realized the fiberglass had hardened and I was now at the mercy of these two women. I was encased in a hard shell – not like anything I had experienced before. It was not like leather or latex, clothing or rope. Those materials are relatively soft and have some give to them. This fiberglass was very stiff, rigid and unforgiving.

OMG – I had never been so helpless in my life! It was amazing to know that the only room inside my solid case was the white padding which Christina had wrapped around me before the fiberglass. She had set my position so perfectly so that I was not uncomfortable at all during my hours of rigidity. Christina and my Mistress were having a good time at my expense. Sometimes it was hard to hear them through the thickness of the padding and fiberglass covering my head. I was so excited. I was in pure heaven. Would I do it again? Absolutely!  ~CindysSissyAmy

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