Long Duration Chair Mummification

By MumMan

Chair mummifications are my favorite. I’m able to attain and maintain total immobility and gagged sensory-deprivation in a comfortable position for hours. I like to see how long I can endure, so I decided to go for a new record for myself. 12 hours was the goal, to exceed my old record of about 9-1/2 hours like this overnight. As I fondly remember that session, it is like a long, amazing dream. I got ready before bed-time on a Saturday night, drinking some water for the long, hot, sweaty night ahead, putting on a thick padded diaper, then top and bottom lycra-spandex body-shapers, pantyhose, my heavy Neoprene “sweat-suit” and a couple pairs of tube-socks to cushion my feet. The anticipation of these sessions is a wonderful part of it. I belted myself as tightly as possible to the chair with the 3 belts at my waist area, sitting on a cut-out foam-cushion. Then I popped my hard foam-rubber-latex shaped gag-pad into my mouth, put the expanding earplugs in and put on my wonderful padded leather full-isolation hood from Mr. S, lacing it up very tightly & zipping it up over the lacing. It is so tight, hot and intense, with just the tiny nose grommets for restricted breathing. Over that, and under the suit collar, I tightly strapped on my custom padded leather high posture-collar. I was breathing hard now, in anticipation of my wife’s wonderful tight wrapping and taping embrace to come soon, putting on my black latex gloves. The sweating had begun.

She got ready for bed, then proceeded to get me ready for “bed”. She does a thorough, beautiful, considerate job. She has had many years of practice and training now. First, she puts on the 2 pairs of cut-off stocking and 4 long pairs of tube-socks on each arm for cushioning and sheathing, then applying the black electrical tape solidly and tightly over my hands, arms and the chair, from fingertips-to-elbows. The tightness with which she does this is evident in how my hands and arms are crushed-down so as to appear “normal”. Then a few more wraps around the lower biceps, and my arms are tightly-immobilized. No wiggle the fingers even. She wrapped my upper-body in tight clear pallet-wrap, up over my posture-collar. The duct-tape was then applied, solidly, tightly overlapping, right up over my neck/posture-collar. Now all upper-body movement is eliminated and my head-body trip has begun. She wraps my lap and legs in the pallet-wrap, down over my overlapping feet, a small foam cushion between my ankles. Then the tight duct-tape, from upper-thighs to down over the toes, the pressure perfect. She ropes my ankles to the chair legs to keep from moving my legs, and finishes by doing a tight criss-cross taping across my chest and the back of the chair for a nice tight final restriction. She takes pictures from different angles, one I really love of me in the mirror, as I blindly reflect on setting my new endurance record. She understands that this is to be a 12-hour super-session, and gives me a peck on my hood, says goodnight and goes to bed next to me. If any issues should develop unexpectedly overnight, she is right there for me.

I am very excited in my chair in the darkness. I test my ability to move. Nothing doing. I flex and strain, loving the feeling of having my every attempt at movement from head-to-toes thwarted by the tight binds. She has been most thorough and I am perfectly secured and completely immobilized, blind and deafened. This is my dream, my passion, my nirvana. My cock and balls are smushed good, as it tries to get hard in its tight, cramped, padded confines. I breathe slowly and as deeply as the tight belts, wrap and tape will allow, with the wonderful restricting hood helping to hinder the breath-intake through the tiny nostril grommets. My mouth is tightly clamped shut with the gag-pad filling it, pressing my tongue down. I feel the heat and sweat all over me, loving it as it begins to pool and roll down ticklingly in a few areas. I am mindful of being quiet so she can sleep, so I become still, not trying to move as much to avoid those little creaky noises. No vocalizations of any kind are allowed, lest I should disturb my lady. My breathing becomes slower and shallower, and I relax by degrees. Eventually the relaxation and adaptation sets in, and I begin to nod-off in brief pseudo-sleep episodes, having brief dream fragments on the edges of consciousness and unconsciousness, repeating over and over again. I am really into my inner-headspace, in a wonderful state of altered consciousness and being, my body totally outside of my control. I exist only as a completely immobilized, helpless sensory and speech-deprived, internalized entity. I’m in my own little world, enduring and head-tripping, floating along as the hours slowly crawl by.

I lose all track of time as the hours elapse. I am very quiet and still, ever-mindful not to wake her. Unbeknownst to me, in my immobilized, total darkness, dawn has broken and the room is bright. I have had episodes of micro-sleep, no real sleep. Eventually I hear her moving about. I inquire about the time in my gag-speech, which she can understand pretty well. 8:00. I was surprised, thinking more time had gone by. I sighed, feeling a few minor discomforts and tiredness, but no real distress, knowing now that my goal was still a few hours off. She showered, dressed and went downstairs, following the usual routine for daytime bondage by checking on me about every hour or so as she did her things below. I kept thinking of my goal: 12 hours, 12 hours… She checked on me a few times and went back down. My sinuses got a bit stuffy in the tight hood and a little headache develops. I endure, in no danger. I feel sweaty, hot and discomfort increases. I wonder if I can make it. She checks again. I am nearing my limit. Away she goes again. She checks again near the 11-hour mark, and I moan and vocalize to her that that will be as far as I think I can make it. Shortly, she begins cutting me out after taking more pictures. I moan and sigh in relief as I am slowly released. She unbuckles my tight posture-collar and unzips and loosens the hood that has held me in its tight, hot, all-enveloping grip for nearly 12 hours. It has been an amazing endurance session, and I’m not too disappointed about missing my goal by an hour. I thank her. She is awesome. I am exhausted, thirsty hungry and in urgent need of a shower. Remarkably, I haven’t pissed. I am also quite high from the experience, and SO languid and relaxed and happy! The elusive 12 hours…next time, I think!  

PLEASE NOTE – I’ve done intensive bondage-mummification scenarios like this for over 25 years now, having learned a lot from very extensive, repeated trial and experience. There are danger factors to consider, most especially related to breathing, compression, circulation and panic attacks. I don’t advocate doing these type of long-term scenarios to anyone lacking in experience or very rigorous mental discipline, or without steady monitoring for your safety.



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