Baseball Mummification

By Joe

First thing MummyEd had me do was find a hood from the great collection of gear at the SeriousBondage Institute.  My big head didn’t fit into the first several I tried, so I was still searching when Ed came looking for me. He grabbed the white canvas hood we had used in a scene the week before, pulled it over my head and laced it up tightly. Doing this triggers my already considerable submissiveness.

I enjoy so many facets of the mummification process.  To name a few points that come quickly to mind are: giving over control to a trusted partner or group; feeling the (pallet) wrap slowly freezing my movement; feeling successive layers of the wrap tightening and stiffening my body; and sensory deprivation. Additionally, when duct tape is used over the wrap, I enjoy the feeling, hearing, smelling but not seeing the duct tape being applied over the wrap to further secure my immobile form. I is all such a wonderful experience.

This particular day was warm for San Francisco, so the wrap upped my temperature considerably, but I didn’t care.  When I was well and firmly wrapped, just barely able to keep my balance with the wrap down to my ankles (though I think Dalton was helping to steady me), MummyEd came up from behind and – as the picture shows – lifted me up and over to a padded table.  What a great feeling of becoming a frozen, dependent object for him to move about any way he wanted. “Trust me” he said as he swiveled, lifted, and tipped at the same time so I went from being vertical to lying on the padded table.

I was then blindfolded so all I knew after MummyEd deposited me on the table was that he was applying more pallet wrap.  Any of my remaining movement was lost.  Then my feet were wrapped – but not before someone figured out how ticklish the bottoms of my feet were!  Then my head itself was wrapped to the table as well. 

I drifted off into sub space, daydreaming, imagining being mummified in all sorts of different poses, being put into bondage and mummified into a statue and kept that way for a long time, learning how to handle really long sessions, and on and on. As my awareness drifted, I heard the faint sound of a baseball game which I think MummyEd was watching on his iPad.

I had asked MummyEd to get me on the road by 6pm or so, so he did just that.  It seemed like only a few minutes – but it was really a few hours – when MummyEd began to cut me out.  I have experienced that strange time compression thing before when I have been in bondage and sensory deprivation. It’s always amazing to me.  It makes me want to try a really long scene and find out if the compression thing works for that as well.

As usual, when I was finally free of the mummification I had three immediate feelings:  I felt like I was emerging from a cocoon; I was cold; and I wanted back in!  I also wanted to hug MymmyEd and Dalton for the great experience – which I did.  Any time you guys need a willing subject again, you have my number!

A few days later I looked at the photos and video on the website. My jaw dropped when I saw the way MummyEd had decorated my pallet wrapped form with the San Francisco Giants colors.  Really hot!   By the way, I’m proud to be a Giants fan.  Now I need to find a better fitting hood for next time.  ~Joe

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