Serious Hammock Mummification

By Mistress Miranda

A visit to San Fransisco and the expert bondage crew at has opened my eyes to the pleasures and delights of canvas sleepsack mummification… and now I just cannot get enough of this very particular specialty in the bondage lexicon. My latest attempts involved a sexy mummification scene with my more-than-willing partner who was desperate for me to wrap him up and suspend him in the wonderful white canvas bondage bag which my hosts had offered to lend us for our games.

With my partner tightly strapped laced into place, his arms trapped in the internal sleeves of the bag and a cross cross network of laces tightening the canvas around his body. I was able to climb right onto the chain frame that was holding him safely, hanging horizontally three feet above the floor. How teasing it was for him to be able to feel the weight of my rubber-clad body pressing across his full length while he remained mummified and utterly unable to touch me in any way whatsoever. I have to confess that having him mummified like that did bring out the naughty side of me. I enjoyed teasing him by tickling his nostrils – the only part of his body left unwrapped – with the ends of my hair. How cruel, but then I am one of London’s foremost dominatrices and I do have a reputation to maintain!

I could feel my partner’s more intimate places growing steadily as I pressed myself against the heavy canvas cloth so tightly wrapped around his torso. It may have been made worse, I suppose, by my letting my hands wander to caress the outline of his cock and balls so that he grew fully erect and ready for action. It was then that I learned just how flexible the Serious Bondage mummification equipment could be: Dalton, my mentor for this special mummification initiation, showed my how I could flip my mummified man head over heels so that he now lay suspended face down but still with enough room for me to comfortably crawl underneath his body and continue my sexual teasing.

It was time to up the ante and so I slowly opened a strategically placed zip in the canvas bag so that his erect cock was released from the mummification bag to spring free and dangle down dangerously close to my head. I changed the tone of my voice to my best dominatrix speech and instructed him that he was not to lose control of his sexual urges under any circumstances. The aim of this game was to tease and frustrate him in the extreme bondage of the mummification, not to allow him any satisfaction… until I was ready for that to happen.

I could hear him moan and groan with excitement as I blew gently on the head of his cock, being careful to just tease, rather than take him to close to the edge. The entire time I kept up a teasing patter of sexual suggestions which I knew he would be able to hear even through the tight layers also enclosing his head. It seemed as though my game continued for hours but it must have felt like a mummified lifetime for my happy victim: in the end I decided that he had been frustrated enough. Not, of course, that I was going to release him prematurely. I smiled sweetly (although he could not see me at all) and whispered that he should just hang out for a few hours and wait for me while I decided if an orgasm might be a possibility later that night.

As I left the room, I could hear the sweet music of his pleading cries coming from behind the helmet. I am sure he was saying how happy he was to wait for any pleasure I might be willing to give, but I can’t quite be sure; it is so hard to hear someone clearly when they are as tightly mummified as my lover was that night. All in all, a fun evening and my grateful thanks to the crew for their help in showing us the wonders that this style of mummification can bring.  ~Mistress Miranda

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