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Mumman made a star appearance in the first segment of the new Discovery Channel show titled ‘Forbidden’ which is making it’s debut around the world in 2013-2014. The show highlights Mumman in his signature overnight duct-tape mummification, and also features Dalton of who applies fiberglass to Mumman in a spectacular full-upper-torso casting scene. Dalton also supplied historical background still images of mummification sleepsacks to the show.

Mumman’s experience and endurance of intense mummification is the main focus of the show, and during interviews he shares his background and wealth of knowledge with the viewers.

Below is a promotional video clip from the first segment of the show featuring Mumman. To view this full segment and the entire Forbidden series (which features all kinds of amazing stories and people) you must consult the Discovery Channel website in your country as the show is airing on different dates around the world.

Mumman and his mummification adventures have been featured in a number of articles on this website. In addition, Mumman has been in many videos on both and Also, Mumman has written the following articles on the website:

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A special thanks to Mumman for sharing his passion for mummification with us and the world!



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