Not An Easy Process

By LockMeUp427

This is not an easy process!  This cast was applied and I was cared for by master caster, Filador50 for almost 74 hours from start to finish.  Before this whole process began, I had to restrict myself to a full liquid diet for two days to clean any solids out of my digestive system as I would be totally sealed up, front and rear with only a Foley catheter to drain my bladder.

It took Filador50 almost 6 hours to encase me from neck to ankles and wrists.  The wrapping starts with a layer of cotton stockinette then I’m wrapped in synthetic padding followed by a tight wrapping of co-flex bandages.  Then the fiberglass wrapping starts from my upper chest down.  It’s a very strange feeling to gradually feel my mobility start to become very restricted as he works down my body and the fiberglass starts to harden. As he reaches my ankles, I’ve lost all mobility of my torso and legs.  At this point I’m plumbed up with the Foley catheter, taking away yet another element of control over my own body and my ass is totally sealed up in fiberglass at this point.

Totally immobilized from chest to ankles, Filador50 starts wrapping my arms from wrists up to my shoulders.  Now support struts are added, fixing the position of my arms to my torso.  Now, I have no motion of my arms as he starts to apply fiberglass across my shoulders and neck, attaching the arm casts to the torso cast.  After almost six hours of work, I am now totally encased in almost 60 rolls of black fiberglass from neck to ankles to wrists with a total loss of any body movement and total loss of any bladder control.  The only thing left open at this point is my head, hands, feet and cock.

I spent the first night at this stage.  It was a long and strange night.  The next morning Filador50 wakes me out of an uneasy sleep to feed me and continue my encasement into my fiberglass prison.  It takes him about another 2 hours to get my feet and hands fully wrapped up and sealed in fiberglass.  My still free and excited cock is now taped up with a layer of padding followed by layers of fiberglass bringing any movement of my manhood to an end with only the tube of the Foley catheter emerging from my shell of black fiberglass.  I am now “mounted” in a special jig to enable him to move me from vertical to horizontal positions during my ensuring three days of total immobility in my tightly fitting shell of black fiberglass.

After a few hours getting use to this stage of my encasement, he starts on my head by sealing my ears with ear plugs, taping my eyes closed then covering them with eye patches.  Next comes a layer of stockinette followed by a wrapping of padding and co-flex bandages.  The last and final step are the cool damp layers of black fiberglass starting to encase my head with the last bit of any body movement coming to an end as the fiberglass starts to harden around my neck.  When Filador50 finishes after almost another hour of work on my head, all that remains open to the world is my nose and mouth.

The entire process of encasing me in over 70 rolls (+$500.00) of black fiberglass has taken Filador50 from 8:30 PM to well past noon the following day.  After the first several hours, I have become totally dependent on his care of my existence and well being.  Once he has me completely sealed into this rigid prison of fiberglass, I have no sensation of day or night, no sensation of bodily functions and only know something is happening when he places a straw or spoon into my mouth to feed me my liquid diet for the ensuing 62 hours of total dependence on his attention to my basic needs.  ~LockMeUp427


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