SBI Mummification Experience

By QsMud

I arrived at Serious Bondage Institute (SBI), and I had no idea what I was in for. You see, I’ve been into self bondage for quite a few years now. A few years ago, I was visiting Los Angeles and purchased a latex catsuit. I have enjoyed some great self-bondage over the past few years. I’ve been bound to my bed in my latex catsuit, by myself and by my wife… I’ve taped myself from head to toe in duct tape and electrical tape and spend a few hours enjoying the tight restriction.  But nothing I had experienced could compare to my experience at SBI.

In all the self-bondage that I’ve done, I know that that I can get out. My wife really isn’t into the bondage, so the few things we’ve done together had been quite tame.  I knew from seeing the escapades on their Serious Images and Serious Male Bondage websites that there was so much more to it, so I set out to be mummified and bound by the guys at SBI when I was in town.  I got in touch with MummyEd, and he was more that happy to mummify me.

When I arrived, I was given a tour of the institute.  To see the place where fantasies come true was quite exhilarating in itself. But I really had no idea what I was in for. The guys asked what I was looking for, and I showed them some examples from Serious Male Bondage that looked like fun, but asked them to get creative. It sure seemed like that was the right answer, because they got to work pulling out their gear.

I got into my latex catsuit, socks, gloves, and hood, and was ready to go. I laid down on the gingerbread board, got comfy, and waited in anticipation. Boxing gloves were slid over my latex clad hangs, then suddenly, MummyEd and Dalton Ott started simultaneous wrapping in pallet wrap, and in no time, I could no longer move.  So far, it was like a dream come true. But again, I didn’t know what was in store for me…

The wrapping continued full bore, and in no time I was completely encased in latex, pallet wrap, and duct tape. I was blinded and already had earplugs in. About this time is when the sensory deprivation, and complete loss of control with the tight bondage took over and I entered subspace. Let me tell you, it was a feeling like no other.  From that moment on, I remember everything, but time distorted and the endorphins took over. I’m not sure if anyone would ever use or pay to use drugs again, if they knew that this kind of natural high existed.  I’ve heard that runners experience something like this, but that’s too much work, and can’t be nearly as fun!

Things only got better from there. While I didn’t think this was possible, or that the mummification could be any tighter, I remember hearing the clanking of chains. In no time I was being hoisted off the ground and suspended in midair.  My senses had no idea of what to make of the new floating feeling, and I kept drifting.

Things got quiet for awhile, and the final pièce de résistance was put into place… leather straps around my torso and thighs creating a leather strap corset of sorts. Each strap was tightened and tightened more, but I was completely comfortable and content.  Once Dalton was complete with the straps, I was again left to enjoy myself, unable to move any part of my body… just able to contract my muscles enough to induce a slight swing.  I was in another dimension, and I could have stayed there for hours.

But, “all roller coaster rides must come to an end” which I remember hearing, and soon all of the wrappings were coming off.  But my state of mind was so good, all the life stress gone, that I didn’t care.  Actually, the cool air on my latex body was quite refreshing, and as my senses returned, I was completely relaxed. In fact, I needed a minute to decompress and could barely move.  I didn’t want to do anything but enjoy my state of being.

Wow, these guys do a great job! That’s about all I can say. If you get a chance to visit SBI, I would highly recommend it. Bring some of your favorite gear to mix things up a bit, and be prepared for an adventure.  ~QsMud


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